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Advanced Hybrid Ablation Course

AtriCure is committed to providing the most recent and relevant education. We recognize the importance of this material as a key component in giving the HealthCare Provider (HCP) access to the knowledge and experience required to assure optimal safety and outcomes in the atrial fibrillation patient population. This section contains educational materials and activities intended to enhance the user’s experience.


The specialized curriculum is designed to facilitate data and experience exchange, providing peer-to-peer led training that incorporates patient selection, pre-and post-operative management, the latest clinical evidence, and procedural techniques. This program focuses on the rationale, safety, and efficacy of performing Hybrid AFTM Therapy with EpiSense. Attendee interaction, sharing of anecdotal experience and observations, and group discussion are highly encouraged. 

This course faculty consists of Electrophysiologists and Cardiac Surgeons. This program is designed for Electrophysiologists, Cardiac surgeons, and Advanced Practice providers interested in the collaborative hybrid approach to treating advanced atrial fibrillation patients.

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